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This website is meant to provide you with the information required to assist your and your client with a smooth transition into our community.
Our current annual association dues are $1425 - billed quarterly. Property conveyances are charged a $300 transfer fee by the HOA. The Management Company will have additional charges..
Hamlet of Avalon utilizes Westwood Management LLC to handle the financial aspects of the subdivision. Billing and transfer inquiries should be directed to Westwood Management LLC (See Property Management Contact).
If you require access to the past Board Meeting Minutes of the Hamlet of Avalon HOA, special request can be made to the Webmaster using the form on our main
Contact Page. (Choose "Webmaster" from the list)

To view Property Owner Documents, please follow this link.

An overview of the Hamlet of Avalon is provided for your clients via this link.

Enjoy our online community.

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